Explain the importance of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the resulting developments; include Earth Day, the Creation of the EPA and modern day environmental policy CREATE AN EARTH DAY 2017 FLYER

  1. Rachel Carson –  who was she, what was her book, Silent Spring about, how did it prompt legislative action – explain Earth Day
  2. NEPA – what was NEPA, what does the EPA set out to do
  3. Major environmental policies that EPA is in charge of now,

Rachel Carson was the Editor in Chief for the federal government for all publications about Fish and Wildlife. She was an ecologist ans an excellent writer. She wrote her book, Silent Spring, in 1962. This warned the public about the dangerous effects of using pesticides and how they can be misused. She warned many of the agricultural sections in the government about how we need to take care of our planet and reduce the amount of chemicals we use. This led to more awareness and more policies to protect the plants and water.

NEPA stands for National Environmental Policy Act.  They ensure that before the government is always considering how the environment will be affected once their laws or projects go into action. They have requirements for buildings such as airports, highways, and military complexes that must be followed.


Reflection: I did not know about Rachel Carson and how much of an affect she made on our environment and our use of chemicals in agriculture. I think the most important thing in this section is the EPA because they are still saving our environment and ensuring that we keep it into consideration today.


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