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Explain the importance of President Truman’s order to integrate the US military and the federal government

    1. What was Executive order 9981
    2. How did the EO impact the military and federal government

The Executive order 9981 was a huge step in the civil rights movement. This order from President Truman in 1948 ended all discrimination in the US Military. It also provided equal opportunity to rise ranks in the military. Truman decided to make this order because of the recent reactions of the public, specifically incidents happening in Monroe, Georgia and Aiken South Carolina. In Monroe, two soldiers and their wives were shot by a group of white men after being dragged into the car. In Aiken, a police officer beat a soldier and blinded him. This was after the solider was kicked off of a bus because he was being disruptive. This truly impacted Truman and he decided to make the Executive Order 9981 and 9980, which got rid of discrimination in the Federal area as well.

Reflection: In this post, I will definitely remember the incidents happening in Monroe and Aiken. I had no idea such terrible things were happening to soldiers who have came back from the war. The Executive Order 9981 has definitely impacted life today. It is still in use and has definitely pushed us to have better civil and racial rights.


Executive Order 9981



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